What is your shipping policy?


Sorry we're only taking orders to and from the U.S. right now!


To come!

Why can I only send to my Senator?

We're working on partnering with the right printers across the country that can take orders that are custom to each state's number of Representatives (Know a good printer? Get in touch!). In the meantime our two sizes of packs can be split between your state's two Senators, addressed to just one, or left intentionally blank.

Why Do You Only Accept PayPal?

We're currently applying for 501c3 status, which will allow us to accept payments, including credit cards. Until we get that status, we'll be collecting and donating via PayPal. If you're a lawyer or 501c3 expert, we'd love your help. Get in touch!

Any other questions?

Reach out! We're still building this site, and we're always open to your ideas. Please be patient with us as we collect postcard designs, printer quotes, and build the back-end capabilities to get things running smoothly. More to come ...